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In 2010, after completing various very substantial acquisitions during the period, the Group became the only Hong Kong-listed company and the only dairy brand with China as the major market which owns farms and dairy production facilities overseas and has its own brand and specialty store distribution network in China at the same time. As at the period-end date, the Group acquired 20% of UBNZ Assets Holdings Limited with four dairy properties. This unique asset structure and operation mode allows the Group to secure an incomparable position in the market.


The Company is currently a Hong Kong-listed dairy brand with China as the major market. The directly-owned farms in New Zealand allow the Group to enjoy a unique edge over its industry peers in terms of the quality of dairy products. Besides the guaranteed quality of our product origin, the Group has also established a comprehensive value chain for its dairy business comprising breeding dairy cattle, producing and processing dairy products and selling with its proprietary brand and through its own distribution network.


As the economy of China is bourgeoning in recent years, the demand for quality dairy products in the Chinese market is enormous and still growing rapidly. The news about widespread sub-standard local dairy products uncovered in recent years serve as a push for consumers to seek quality imported dairy products. In view of this, the management is of the opinion that there will be huge development potential of this new business line and is confident about its prospects.

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