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Natural Dairy (NZ) Holdings Limited (“Natural Dairy”) (Stock code: 462) is a company listed in the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, with a market capitalization of over HKD 3 billion.

Natural Dairy has constructed an all-in-one seamless supply chain, which integrates dairy farming, raw milk production, downstream packaging, brand name marketing and product distribution, with a motto of “providing quality milk purely from New Zealand to everyone in China”. Boasting its brand new image of a manufacturer committed of dairy products, Natural Dairy is securing its foothold in the consumer market of dairy products in China.

The pure and natural environment of New Zealand gives birth to a unique raw milk source of the best quality. Also, New Zealand is renowned of her stringent food management and regulatory standard system. All these conditions have put dairy products of New Zealand at the top of the world. Natural Dairy has acquired dairy farms with quality milk cows in New Zealand and the raw milk will be processed by Ultra High Temperature pasteurization.  Accordingly, the Company is able to ensure our raw milk is sourced from New Zealand only, thereby providing our milk products with an authentic taste of New Zealand and making our products conform to international recognized quality standards.


Natural Dairy has developed an exclusive brand name “e Sweet”, covering UHT milk products, including Colostrum milk, Sleep Well milk, strawberry milk, blueberry milk and chocolate milk, and infant formula. Meanwhile, Natural Dairy has expanded its distribution network by establishing specialty stores in 24 major cities in China, directly controlling our product sale; as well as engaging an internationally well-known model Ms. Gaile Lok to be our product spokesperson, taking advantage of her pure, health and energetic image to incarnate the belief of Natural Dairy.


Natural Dairy has adopted a seamless operation mode covering segments from raw milk to consumption in the light of frequent milk powder scandals constantly recurring in China, which undermines consumers’ confidence in local milk products and diverting them to imported ones. Natural Dairy sticks to the strategy of sourcing 100% of raw milk from New Zealand. We are confident that with the natural dairy farming environment and sophisticated production technologies of dairy products in New Zealand, and the operational and management experience accumulated for more than 100 years, our products will be able to earn remarkable reputation amongst consumer groups in China, thus bringing about promising market prospect for the Company.


In addition to dairy products, Natural Dairy has also produced healthy fruit juice and fruit wine series originated from a kind of exotic fruit — NONI, which has numerous beneficial effects to our health. NONI, also called Super Fruit, can only grow in the unpolluted and organic environment in Pacific Islands. It is essential to natural healing and health care, such as lowering and stabilizing the blood glucose level of diabetes patients, facilitating digestion and improving sleep quality. We believe that as the economy in China rapidly develops and the affluent population grows, people will be increasingly concerned with health care. Accordingly, healthy food products of NONI series will surely be popular in the market. The Company’s success in product development not only meet the market need but also serve to the diversification of our products.


According to the long-term business goal of Natural Dairy, we are targeting at the high-end beverage market with dairy products originated from New Zealand as the core while beverage products for the domestic market as a supplementary line. With this approach, we are committed to become a renowned international corporation which plays an important role in the sector of dairy products as well as the food industry.


The predecessor of Natural Dairy (NZ) Holdings Limited, China Jin Hui Mining Corporation Limited, was engaged in iron ore related business in China. In view of the potential value of iron ore business, despite the completion of strategic change of business, Natural Dairy will resume the control of assets as planned and prepare for related mining activities. In the long run, iron ore business is expected to contribute to our revenue and profits.

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