Natural Dairy (NZ) Holdings Limited (“Natural Dairy”) (Stock code: 462) is a company listed in the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, with a market capitalization of over HKD 3 billion.

Natural Dairy has constructed an all-in-one seamless supply chain, which integrates dairy farming, raw milk production, downstream packaging, brand name marketing and product distribution, with a motto of “providing quality milk purely from New Zealand to everyone in China”. Boasting its brand new image of a manufacturer committed of dairy products, Natural Dairy is securing its foothold in the consumer market of dairy products in China.

The pure and natural environment of New Zealand gives birth to a unique raw milk source of the best quality. Also, New Zealand is renowned of her stringent food management and regulatory standard system. All these conditions have put dairy products of New Zealand at the top of the world. Natural Dairy has acquired dairy farms with quality milk cows in New Zealand and the raw milk will be processed by Ultra High Temperature pasteurization.  Accordingly, the Company is able to ensure our raw milk is sourced from New Zealand only, thereby providing our milk products with an authentic taste of New Zealand and making our products conform to international recognized quality standards....


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